• She Steps Out5:09

  • When the Birds Leave3:12


Newest releases:

"I Stay Awake"

Released 11/2016

Copyright (c) 2016 Storm the Stage Music Publishing LLC

"wide eyed and dreaming"

Released 9/2016

Copyright (c) 2016 Storm the Stage Music Publishing LLC

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Deborah Bierach started playing piano at the age of 6, and her love of the instrument has turned into a passion for songwriting.  She is currently a recording artist and she also teaches piano.  Born and raised in North Carolina, she moved around a lot within the state which diversified her taste in music.  Deborah continues to share her love of music with those around her and enjoys teaching everyone more about the creativity aspects of composing and recording.

Most recent project:  

Rapid Repair Experts LLC Commercial Jingle

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  • I Stay Awake3:30

  • RRE Final Mastered Jingle Only0:10
  • RRE Final Mastered Full 30 Sec0:30

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