History and Mission:

Storm the Stage Music Publishing LLC was founded on November 2013 with the mission of filling the middle regional market by providing support to local businesses with music projects. 

We focus on production and publishing (licensing) music.  Please email to book our Project Studio equipped with ProTools by Avid and Reason by Propellerhead.  We can produce acoustical and digital instrumental recordings, along with vocals.  Studio vocalists and musicians can be booked based on your project needs.

Projects can include: voiceovers, music branding or commercial jingles, small band recordings, single songwriter recordings, instrumentals for film or gaming - and more.


So to all fellow artists- please let us know which PRO you are with currently.  Storm the Stage Music Publishing LLC is with ASCAP, and all song registrations will be cataloged with ASCAP as the primary PRO.

We Play by the Rules:

  • No cursing or foul language in the music; radio edits only please
  • No hate speech or racial slurs in the music
  • No Obscene, Indecent or Profane Broadcasts